Scratchcard Reviews

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With a fantastic opening offer and lots of promotions, Safari Scratch offers some of the best scratchcards on the Internet.



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Scratch2Cash offers all the best scratchcard games and jackpots of up to £1,000,000.

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Crazy ScratchCrazy Scratch - £5 free + 100% bonus up to £200


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ScratchManiaScratchMania - £7 free + 100% bonus up to £200


With one of the biggest no deposit bonuses around, ScratchMania offers free games with real rewards.




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There are over 100 games at Top Scratch and one in three cards wins. Scratch your way to that £1,000,000 jackpot!



You might have seen them in the newsagents, or people playing them everywhere you go, and yet despite their immense popularity, you'd be amazed at the amount of emails we get asking – 'What exactly are those scratch cards? What do you need to do, how do you play them, and where can I get my hands on them?'

If you've never played them before, never fear! These cunning little tickets are simple and almost embarrassingly easy to play. On a paper scratchcard, there is a latex covering that hides a set of numbers or symbols, and you need to scratch off the covering to reveal what's underneath. On an online scratchcard, the covering is electronic and you use your mouse to 'scratch' it off. In some cases you'll be scratching the symbols, in others, you'll scratch the prize as well.

There are many different kinds of scratchcards, but most scratchcards work on a match basis – matching two or three symbols to win the prize shown. From there, some games add a multiplier which is applied to whatever amount you scratch, multiplying your winnings. Often, online scratchcards have multiple cards in the one game so you can play several cards at once.

Some scratchcard games will combine the traditional principles of scratchcards with another game, like Sudoku Panda or noughts and crosses. In these hybrid games, players need to satisfy the rules of the alternative game – for example, completing numbers 1 through 9, or lining up three noughts or crosses in a row – by scratching the panel to reveal the number or symbol.

There are many variations on these basic concepts, so it's always fun and exciting to play new games. If you like slot machines, you might like to try scratch games, in which the panel covers the play area of a slot machine and players need to reveal three matching symbols to win the amount shown. If you've always liked roulette, darts or bowling, there are instant win games that utilise these hobbies too.

Best of all, you can choose your favourite theme! With so many variations, there are cards catering to all different tastes; from food to fairytales, horoscopes to animals, Egypt to Monte Carlo, outer space to Santa Claus, sports to soap operas and many many more!

There are hundreds of different scratchcards available and with a bonus you can pick up from our site, you can play free scratchcards! Simply head to our reviews to pick up an exclusive bonus and you'll be rewarded with free cash at any of the scratchcard sites, so you can try all of the games available without using any of your own cash.

Of course, we try every scratchcard game that comes out and often they're fantastic, but a few of them really stand out as favourites in our book. If you're looking for the best scratchcard experience, we recommend you start with these. If you've got favourites that haven't made our list, we'd love to hear from you!