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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 09:01

Your Favourite Slot Games

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What makes a great online slot machine?

In the world of online slots, what is is it that makes a really enduring title? Many casinos enlist the help of movie-tie in slots such as The Incredible Hulk  and Lord of The Rings to attract punters to their sites. These slot games have the advantage of being associated with world famous film brands and characters who we all know and love. However, the licence to have these slots is often very expensive and it is usually only the richest casinos who can afford them.

When playing at online casinos, alongside the free slot section, you may have noticed a jackpot total running up into six figures, this is the ultimate in prize money - the Progressive. When players play on these slots, a percentage of the amount they spend goes into the jackpot, which allows it to grow and grow into gargantuan amounts. The progressives come in all shapes and sizes and they are the Big Daddies of the slot machine world. The promise of these colossal jackpots is often a big incentive to play slot games.

Multi line slots and single line slots are always vying for your attention and with all time favourites such as Cleopatra and Cherries and Fruits available as online slots, you can be sure to find a slot to suit your style of play. Whether you prefer 3 reel or 5 reels slots, movie-tie ins, classics or other themes, we’d welcome your feedback on what you think makes a great slot.