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Thursday, 11 April 2013 07:03

Would You Tell Anyone if You Won an Online Slot Jackpot?

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We're sure you've had plenty of occasions to think about this, but if you won a large sum of cash would you keep your win a secret?

Just last week a lucky woman won a £132,461 jackpot at Mecca Bingo whilst playing Wonderland slot on her mobile. The woman from Hull was playing with relatively small stakes, and had just placed a £1 spin when she won the online slot jackpot. She said that she couldn't believe it and 'had to wake up [her] son to check the win was real'.

She also asked not to be named, which is probably why there's relatively little coverage about her in the press.

Anyone who goes in to play slots or bingo dreams of winning a nice healthy jackpot and probably has detailed plans of how they would spend their cash if they were lucky enough to win. But have you given any thought to whether you would tell anyone? And we're not just talking about the press, because obviously that can invite some problems even if it is an exciting time. You'd probably tell your family, or they might be wondering why you're coming home with a new car. But would you tell anyone outside your family – your friends, for example, or the townsfolk where you live?

Plenty of people prefer to keep their wins a secret and go on living in exactly the same way that they were before, except without the stress of bills and with the ability to holiday anywhere they want. Their view is that they liked their life before the win and want to continue on just the way they were living.

What would you do? Does it depend on how much you win?