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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 08:00

William Hill Online Bingo Winner Fails to Claim £6,000 Fiat Panda

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We all dream of winning huge jackpots and exciting prizes, but what happens to the prize if the winner doesn’t turn up?

Last month, William Hill launched a fantastic, online bingo promotion, where they offered players the chance of winning a Fiat Panda each day for the whole of October. Over 30 cars were won, however not all the winners have enjoyed their new wheels in the same manner... 

Amusingly a number of players who won a car, don’t actually own driving licences. In fact three winners from Scotland had to get someone else to drive their car home for them! Nonetheless. the winners were more than chuffed that they could win a £6000 Fiat Panda just by playing online bingo!

If you think that’s absurd, it gets even more ridiculous! One of the women who won a car, known fondly as Big Momma, hasn’t even claimed her reward. One player suggested, “perhaps she just likes to play online bingo and isn’t interested in a free car!” For some reason, I find that rather hard to believe. I mean, even if she doesn’t know how to drive, like the winners above, she can still sell it on and make £6,000 profit. But if you think her disappearance is weird, it gets weirder.

William Hill’s spokesmen, Tony Kenny stated “You couldn’t make it up - we had the vehicle ready on the low loader for the trip to Aberdeen. But then we failed to locate the winner, a lady called Shona”. Eager to prove themselves as the best online bingo company in England, William Hill requested, Ian MacDonald, their district manager in Aberdeen, take to the streets with a megaphone and call her name up and down the city streets! Kenny exclaimed, “In all my years of business, I’ve never had such a big winner fail to turn up. Never in my entire career have we had to do anything like this!”

So if you play online bingo and you happen to know a Big Momma, I’m sure she’d appreciate a gentle reminder!