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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 08:00

Why Choose An Online Casino Bonus

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Players looking for a bonus to boost their payroll, will be happy to know that when you play online, you’ll get more for your money than anywhere else.

For players who are used to playing at brick n’ mortar casinos, you might be familiar with the policy of being served meals and drinks for free. Obviously these freebies can’t be offered at an online casino, so instead of offering you the complementary food and drink, you’re instead invited to take advantage of an online casino bonus.

The way these bonuses work, is that when you deposit some cash you’ll be able to double or triple up your money, depending on the nature of the bonus. The most common kind of bonus is the 100% match deposit bonus, which doubles up your deposit usually up to £200. Alongside the traditional match deposit bonus, you’ll also find the offer of Free Spins, which will allow you to play your favourite slot games for free to your heart’s content. Free spins are often given out around the time of release of a new slot game and are usually thrown in, alongside a match deposit bonus.

The best thing about an online casino bonus, is that your bankroll will be substantially increased, which means you’ll be able to make bigger bets and enjoy bigger jackpots. However I would stress the importance of reading the small print regarding the terms and conditions before you take an online casino bonus, just so you know exactly what you are getting involved in.