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Thursday, 15 September 2011 08:58

Who Can You Trust: Credit Cards or Scratchcards?

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In the wallets, purses and pockets of people all over the world, there are small cards, capable of giving you thousands of pounds free, with no questions asked.

You can even get them complimentary and there are no hidden charges or fees if you take the money, because you don't have to pay it back. Confused? Well let me enlighten you, it's not credit cards, it's not debit cards I'm talking scratchcards.

Free scratchcards are everywhere, falling out of newspapers, being handed out on the street and predominately, being given away on the internet. The simple scratchcard is making a name for itself, as the easiest and most accessible way of winning enormous sums of money, free holidays or the latest gadgets.

When you compare scratchcards to credit cards you can see who is really taking advantage of people's ignorance. Banks encourage us to have huge sums of money at our disposal, that don't actually belong to us, it seems strangely generous on the surface and we accept it as a genuine gesture of good faith. Forget it! There's nothing genuine about a credit card. It's only when you get your bill do you realize the insidious game they play. For they make all their money on lending us money, we can't pay back. Thus we end up falling into a vicious cycle of only ever paying back the ample interest they charge us and not the actual money we have borrowed.

Scratchcards on the other hand, you can take at face value, they don't allow you to spend money you don't have, rather, if you're lucky, they actually give you money! What's more,online scratchcards can offer you thousands of pounds and prizes which their offline counterparts can't. The choice is yours: help the banks, or help yourself!