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Friday, 17 February 2012 08:00

When You Play Casino Games What Happens In Your Brain?

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Why would anyone choose to create a free casino?

The phrase in itself is an oxymoron, by definition a casino is somewhere people go to gamble money. I mean if I wanted to play games for free, then why would I bother playing them at a casino? Surely it would just be easier to play other kinds of online games. But this is the crux of the issue, we don’t want to play other online games, we want to play the well established games, like Blackjack or video poker, precisely because they are so good. I mean the fact that they have been around so long is testament to their enduring quality.

So what is it about casino games that makes them so popular that people are even willing to play them for free. In my belief, I put it down to a combination of simplicity and delight. Over the centuries card and table games have been crafted and honed to perfection, so that now days the versions we play of these games online are the best they can be. The same goes for slots and many others.

When you play casino games, your body releases complicated chemicals, depending on whether you win or lose. Now if you start playing for money the risk is amplified and therefore your body increases the levels of chemicals rushing around your body to adjust the increased risk.

Playing free casino games is like jumping out of a tree, however playing real money casino games is like jumping out of a plane. The difference is how much you are willing to risk for the bigger high.