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Monday, 30 January 2012 08:00

What Slot Games Would You Like To Be Made Into Movies

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Who could have possibly predicted that one day you would be able to play games and win money through your computer.

The whole concept of Internet banking still amazes me and the potential to send money to any part of the globe in a second is truly revolutionary. What’s even better than Internet banking, is winning money for doing nothing and that’s why I love online slots.

I’ve been an avid online gamer for a number of years now and if there’s one game I’m always drawn back to, it’s the slot games. I mean the sheer variety means that if I don’t play for a couple of weeks and come back, there’s always a new game to tempt me to start playing again. At the moment I’ve been playing Immortal Romance slots, which is a fusion of Twilight meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Throw in the chance of winning thousands of pounds, and this is one of those slot machines that’s sure to keep your attention. 

As in the video game industry, where films have been made out of famous video game characters such as Tombraider and Hitman, I’ve often wondered if the same will happen for slot games. I mean it’s very common for you to see films turned into a slot machine, such as all the Marvel movies and the Lord of the Rings franchise, but I’ve not come across any online slots that have been turned into movies. If they do decide on making a film about one, I reckon Immortal Romance would be a keen competitor, up there with Thunderstruck.

Let us know what casino games you think would make good movies.