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Friday, 26 August 2011 16:34

What’s in a name: Poker Screen Names

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If you’re going to play online poker, you need a great screen name.

Excuse us for being shallow, but we all know that online poker is partly about the image. And if you’re going to play, one of the first things you need to do – and the first thing that people will notice about you – is your screen name.

It seems that poker rooms everywhere are being frequented by people with little imagination and even less impetus to expend a little effort when it comes to choosing what people will call them for the lifetime of their account. Here are some of the definite no-nos when it comes to choosing a screen name:

Professional rip-offs: true, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth are probably not going to be playing in the poker rooms the average punter would normally frequent. This is no excuse to use their names in vain. You look silly and you’re probably not going to seem very cool. Show a little originality.

Sexual innuendos: oh, please. Are you a fifteen year old hormonal boy? GreatHand, ImAStud and Lesbe69 are not even remotely clever or witty.

Drug references: see above. Blow, Smack, Weed, 8Ball are best left on the streets of LA and don’t belong in a poker tournament. Of course, if your name is actually Charlie or Gary, feel free.

Celebrity names: nobody’s buying it.

Location, location:  This one’s a bit of a strange one. I’ve seen some free poker sites that tell you not to use a location in your SN as some players will use this to infer playing strategy. Conversely, it’s something that could work in your favour. Either way, don’t get creepy and start giving out your address – it’s online poker, not a dating site! (although good luck to you if you find it)

Profession: nobody cares if you’re a carpenter, a doctor, a professor or a musician. We’re here to play poker (if you’re a magician, that’s a different story. You can probably use that one.)

If you’re at a loss, why not try: hobbies, fictional characters, historical figures and nicknames? Just remember you’re trying to make a name for yourself. You don’t need the junk!