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Monday, 29 August 2011 08:36

Very Important Programs: What’s Your Loyalty Worth?

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Loyalty’s a big thing for your average online casino.

If you trawl enough websites you’ll come to realise that bonus is a bit hit and miss; each casino will offer their own set of terms and conditions and after a while everything seems to look the same. After all, aside from the types of online casino games available, the offering is pretty much the same: spend money. Have fun. Win or lose. And live to play another day. Does it really matter if they’re offering £5 free or £10 free?

What really matters is the long-term relationship, and you’ll find every site will offer a loyalty program, the best online casino retention tactic out there. Points-for-play is standard, redeem-for-casino-credit is standard, redeem-for-cash is slightly better than standard. A loyalty program is the baseline; every casino out there hoping to compete in this crazy market needs one.

So if a company wants to be the best online casino out there, what can they do?

The answer is in the VIP program. If you’re spending a considerable amount at an online casino and you aren’t feeling very, very loved, it’s time to change sites. Think bespoke gifts on your birthday, a personal account manager, exclusive offers, prizes, functions and hospitality, tickets arriving for no reason at all. That’s what the world of VIP programs is about.

It might sound fickle and cheap but the reality is your loyalty is worth something. If you can’t find answers on how to enter or what the rewards are, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will try to find out for you.