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Monday, 12 August 2013 13:06

Usain Bolt wins the 100m at the World Championships in Moscow

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Usain Bolt regained his 100m world title in great style at the World Championships in Moscow, with a season best of 9.77 seconds.

The 100m finals was the last race of the day with heavy rain adding another factor into the drama of the race. The Jamaican proved once again proved that he is indeed the fastest in the world, with the American Justin Gatlin finishing second with 9.85 seconds, and Nesta Carter got bronze with 9.95 seconds. Sports betting fans would not have been disappointed, with a result that everyone was expecting.

Bolt was his normal self before the start of the race, with the runner pretending to be holding an umbrella and making faces at the camera. But the Olympic champion was focused and determined once he was in the starting blocks, as his reaction time to the gun was 0.163 seconds. This was actually equal to Justin Gatlin, the USA sprinter renowned for having the fastest reaction times in the business. After the start, the race took on the normal course, which is seeing Bolt effortlessly going past the rest of the field.

After the race Usain admitted that his legs were ‘sore after the semi-finals’ and that he was not really in the mood to go after the World Record and instead focused all of his attention on winning the gold medal. It was pretty obvious the World Champion could have gone even faster, as even his start could have been better, and will get better as Usain has been been working on his start with everyone knowing this is one aspect of his race that is not consistent.

The world of athletics will be glad that the self appointed ambassador of the sport has been able to shine, especially with the news of positive drug testing and top competitors withdrawing from the Championships. Bolt most certainly has the personality and charisma to carry the sport, and one hopes that there will be no mention of drugs to slur his astounding record. He is on course to not only equalling Carl Lewis’ record for gold medals, but should gone on to surpass the eight gold medal tally!