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Monday, 28 November 2011 08:25

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Slot Machine Games

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Far from being a simple self-explanatory button-pushing game, there are probably lots of things you don’t know about the humble slot machine. Here are a couple of things every player should know.

1)    They have different names. Slot machines are the same thing as one-armed bandits and the pokies.

2)    Fruit machines are not the same thing as slot machines. They operate on the same basic principle, but fruit machines have far more user input that slots. Fruit machines work on the same principle as slots, but have nudge (where you can step a reel up or down) and hold (where you can keep that reel stationary and spin the others) features.

3)    Slot machines have different numbers of reels and paylines. Three reels or five, and anywhere from nine to thirty five paylines – the greater the number of paylines you play, the bigger your chances of winning, but the more expensive each spin becomes.

4)    Choosing one is probably your biggest challenge. There are thousands of online slots and more are added every day. Pick a colour. Pick something that makes you laugh, something that reminds you of your ex, something that makes you feel lucky. There are thousands of popular slot designs, but most dedicated players choose them on the basis of payout and side games.

5)    Most slots have scatter features, where the scatter symbol does not have to be on a payline to pay out. Getting scatter symbols often results in a number of free slots spins, where the reels spin automatically and you get to keep the winnings.

6)    Bonus features are triggered by certain symbols. Slots have excellent bonus games with multipliers where you can earn pots of cash without spending your bankroll.

7)    Most slots also have wild symbols, which can substitute for any symbol on an active payline other than the bonus symbol.

8)    Online slots have an autoplay function where you set the number of spins and walk away.

9)    Bonus hunting: whilst it’s considered to be bad form to join a casino purely for the bonus, not all bonuses are created equal and some favour slot machine players. Party Casino, for example, offers additional bonus to players who play slots.

10)    Choose the number of coins to play per line based on the pay table. If the payouts on additional coins per line are straight multiples of the single coin, it’s better to play single coins to improve your frequency rate.