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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 08:33

The True International Language

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Some say it’s love. Others say it’s music. I say it’s casino games.

With international collaboration being a bit of a tetchy subject around the European Union at the moment, people are either waving the protectionist banner or searching for even more reasons to connect on a global level.

Throughout history we’ve had various forms of cross-cultural cooperation bandied about; the tragically failed Esperanto, the United Nations, international sporting competitions like the Olympics – and all have faced various challenges in terms of communication, logistics and participation.

All of this has made me think perhaps it’s time for the next wave of cross-border cooperation. Online casinos are readily accessible to all people with an internet connection and a search engine; transcending international boundaries, casinos connect players from around the globe in their favourite multiplayer game. The best online casino sites encourage their players to chat, share tips and make friends online – and if that’s not international cooperation, what is?

Best of all, there’s a natural language supporting these institutions; with the exception of card games which are a little more complex, casino games are fairly self-explanatory. Even if you don’t entirely understand all of the rules (20 line paytables, anyone?) it’s entirely possible to jump right in, play and get the hang of the game fairly quickly. In fact, I’d say you could probably navigate a site in another language and come out just fine.

So if your favourite online casinos offer foreign languages why not try them out and see how you go with speaking the international language of gaming?