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Thursday, 05 July 2012 08:17

The Strip Offers Social Casino Games to Attract Players

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The Strip is getting into bed with social networks.

The future of the Strip, the 6.8km line of hotels, casinos and resort properties located south of Las Vegas, could be driven by social networks like Facebook. Operators are partnering with online developers to market casino games in the hope that familiarising players with games and brands will draw them into the land-based venues themselves.

Despite the fact that many of the games do not require money to play, social gaming gives casinos the opportunity to show their product and connect with players who, having enjoyed the games online, may come to the brick-and-mortar resorts to continue their fun. Social games often offer microtransactions – a paid element to an otherwise free game where players can pay real money to buy virtual credits to get ahead.

The vast majority of operators are working with an online game developer, having either bought them out or partnered with them in the past year. Playtika, the makers of the Facebook-based Slotomania game, has been bought by Caesars Entertainment. The Riviera partnered with Bingo Blitz, a popular free bingo game with 3 million users monthly. President and Chief Executive Andy Choy said that he hoped the move would raise the Riviera's profile. More games, including a copy of the immensely popular Farmville, are in the works.

With the online casino continually rising in popularity and preference, land-based casinos are scrambling for ways maintain their player base. This could be a way that they can and leverage the online relationship to increase foot traffic.