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Friday, 16 December 2011 08:00

The Spills And Thrills Of Slot Machines At The Amusement Arcade

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Can you remember going on holiday to Brighton or Hastings with your family and wandering around the amusement arcades on the pier?

Can you remember the flashing lights of the slot machines, strobing up and down, inviting you to play, or the piles of coins sweeping back and forth like the tide on the beach below you, in their glass boxes, always on the brink of falling.

Amusement arcades at the end of the pier are an age old English tradition, like Butlins or camping holidays, they’ve always been the low cost alternative for a family holidays that have been entertaining families for years. Who could resist the bright slot machines, with their tempting payouts and alluring lights, after all it’s only a couple of pound and you could walk away with a few hundred. However the amusment arcade at the end of the pier could be facing its biggest threat yet.

The rise of the online slot may be having more of an effect on the amusement arcades than we would care to think. The fact that you can now play from home and enjoy winning jackpots without having to drive a hundred miles away means that anyone looking for the same thrills and spills, might not want to travel all the way down to Brighton.

At the same time however, the amusement arcade offers something quite different from the online slot, it appeals more to the family unit, who are just playing casually, for them its a bit of a novelty value, the flashing lights, the silly noises, the candy floss and the sea gulls, it's a day out for all the family.

Slot games will always be around, whether they’re online or at the end of the pier, they’re a national institution and something we should be proud about. After all, let’s not forget how the humble slot has made millionaires from a single pound coin.