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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:28

The Scratchcard Break

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If smokers get a small break every few hours, why shouldn’t the rest of us?


We’re back at work after the long weekend and since it’s already Tuesday and we’ve escaped the crushing Mondayitis it’s not too bad. Still, if you’re not really ready to face the day (like me) you can hit some online scratchcards as a pleasant distraction before you get into the swing of things.

When you’re looking for the perfect coffee-break entertainment, scratchcards are perfect because they’re self-contained, quick and easy. In fact, one could even argue that online scratchcards more efficient than a smoking break because you don’t even need to go to a shop to buy them – just hop online and play in-browser.

We aren’t advocating procrastination – and truthfully if you don’t work in the industry you might have a little difficulty in explaining to your boss why you’re playing scratchcards in the middle of the day – but I feel that the “smoking break” explanation needs to be tossed around a bit more.

The safest option is of course free scratchcards, which are great if you’re short of cash or are feeling particularly lucky. Imagine if you won enough to take a holiday! What a worthwhile coffee break...