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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 08:44

The Microcosm of the Online Bingo Rooms

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If you play online bingo, you’ve probably come across all sorts of people.

An online bingo room is like a microcosm of society.


There’s the ‘nice’ one, who wants everyone to be friends and spends her time trying to tell the others to be friends. She inevitably uses too many exclamation marks and is inordinately fond of the smiley emoticon, and gets upset when people need to be censored.


There’s the ‘know-it-all’ one, who brags about her bingo bonus and which games she’s won and why, in fact, she is inherently superior to you in ever way.


There’s Nurse Ratched, who’s been there for so long she feels like she’s part of the institution, and barks orders at the other inmates – don’t use capitals! Don’t hold your bingos! Don’t swear! And woe betide if you, a mere player of two years, decides to give advice instead of her...


There’s the pragmatic one who is simply there to play online bingo and win some cash, and spends her time either silently lurking in the background, or telling the others to chill out and that it’s just a game.


And finally, there’s my favourite, who is superbly bitchy for no conceivable reason you can think of. Everything offends her. Every movement is worthy of a snide comment and a vicious put-down. If you haven’t been properly inoculated by exposure to similar dames in high school, you might be irritated or hurt by this seemingly irrational behaviour that seems to involve the law of inverse feelings: the worse you feel, the better she does.


These are the outliers, the same way they’re found in any social group or representative cross-section of society. For the most part, online bingo players are exceedingly lovely; generous, kind, funny and fun. These are just the ones who make it truly interesting.


If you want to know what I’m on about it, give it a go yourself. You’ll find it most enlightening!