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Thursday, 13 June 2013 07:43

The Live Playboy Casino – Hit or Miss?

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The Live casino takes on a Playboy edge.

For those of you who play at live casinos, you might have noticed that your dealer is almost always a rather attractive female. Now Microgaming have taken it a step further and introduced the Playboy Live casino at various online casinos including Platinum Play and Red Flush casino.

The mind boggles. Love it or hate it, Playboy is a big brand and has always been used to sell other merchandise, so it's unsurprising that the seductive world of online gaming has partnered with it. Now players will be able to see the hottest Playboy bunnies strut their stuff for the cameras as their dealers.

But it seems that not all players are happy about the combination. Formerly the combination of advertising for the adult industry and online poker was roundly criticised, with players objecting to the distraction and the implication that poker players were somehow susceptible to cheap advertising tricks. The association wasn't welcomed either, with one poker player telling me in a withering tone 'I play poker, it doesn't mean I like to watch porn.' Female players also objected, saying it perpetuated the gender stereotype that the game suffered.

So could the Playboy casino succeed? It seems that the casino is enjoying moderate popularity but whether it is simply curiosity to see what's going on before players return to normal live casinos remains to be seen. We'd love to hear your thoughts about whether you think it's a good idea, whether you'd play there and if you'd continue to play there.