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Thursday, 22 September 2011 10:58

The Liberty Bell and Online Slots

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Slot Machines, Fruit Machines and One Armed Bandits are all familiar ways to refer to our beloved online slots.

The colourful slot machines we know today were born in San Francisco in 1895. Inventor, Charles Fey with the backing of the Mills Novelty Company created the first slot machine in the world, it was known as The Liberty Bell. It featured three reels with various symbols including hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and a cracked Liberty bell. The Bell Fruit Gum company took up the idea and starting advertising their chewing gum using apples and cherries to form lines. Fruit machines anyone?

The slots evolved rapidly to include 5 reels with cards on each reel, missing out the 20 of Spades and the Jack of Hearts. Unlike your everyday online casino slots, early slot machines used to pay out cigars, cigarettes, sweets and little prizes! A far cry from the mega jackpots on offer at today's online slots.

Things have come a long way since The Liberty Bell, from being manual to automated, to computerized and finally digital. The online casino slots of the Twenty First Century still carry their flamboyant graphics and symbols of their predecessors, albeit in your computer screen and not in your local saloon.

From 1 line to 1024 lines, the combinations to make money never stop. With the latest Movie blockbuster slots, Superhero slots, brand slots, video game tie-ins and Jackpot slots, there's never been a better time to play slots. Add to that the availability of free slots, it looks like the well will never dry.