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Thursday, 12 January 2012 08:00

The Guinness World Record Set For Most Profitable Multitabling

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What’s the most amount of hands of online poker, you think you could play each minute? 5, 10, maybe 20 if you were really pushing it, but 49, that’s just outrageous!

Let me introduce, Randy “nanonoko” Lew, who set the world record on Sunday, of playing the most hands of online poker ever recorded over 8 hours and ending up with profit.  In order for Randy to achieve such an unbelievable feat, he had to play online poker on no less than 40 tables simultaneously on 2 monitors. Lew played in total an astonishing 23,493 hands over the course of the 8 hours, however he finished with a profit of only $7.65, not great for a hard days work, but then again Lew was always playing to set a new world record!

Forget the best poker sites, Randy must be one of the best poker players in order to have accomplished such a marathon session of poker. At one point, he was even down to $1,200 but eventually managed to claw his way back into the clear.

Even though Randy only managed to make enough to buy a meal at MacDonalds, the savvy “nanonoko” earned over 22,0000 FPPs, which means he’ll get a few hundred dollars in bonus money, and free entry to tournaments at the best poker sites. But above all Randy “nanonoko”Lew will go down in history as the first player to set the World Record for most amount of real poker hands, (not free poker), played in 8 hours and ending up in profit. I just hope he remembered to play with rakeback!