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Monday, 03 October 2011 08:58

The Free Slot Drinking Game

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Free shots, or did I mean free slots?

I think I’ve seen enough bar signs to last me a life time! That’s not meant as a pun by the way, literally I’m overwhelmed by the bar symbol, single, double, triple, they’ve got my eyes reeling as though I were seeing double. Speaking of doubles, isn’t a free slot a bit like a free shot! I mean they both encourage naughty habits and are extremely enjoyable, what’s more they’re highly addictive, maybe because they’re so fun, and on top of all that they’re free! I love that word, it smells like cheap vodka and a sand bucket of pennies. But before I get carried away with online slots fervour, I have a suggestion to make that may appeal to those gamblers who enjoy the odd tipple. Below find my recipe for delight or disaster!


Take an bunch of traditional slot games and assign a alcoholic beverage to each icon: Bar could be Lager, Watermelon could be Vodka, Gold could be Tequila, Grapes -Wine and so on. Make sure that the higher the prize money is, the larger the measurement. Take goes to spin the reels, if you win a line, you get to nominate another player to drink the liquor assigned to the symbol, if you fail to get a line, you have to drink a shot of the strongest liquor that is on your line. Play until someone taps out, the winner then takes all the prize money! Sorted!


To begin with, I would advise playing this with free slot games to avoid bankruptcy, as well as the hangover from hell, however this is the kind of game that would work best at home because you don’t have to spend a fortune behind the bar. Also make sure you don’t end up playing multi reel online slots, unless you want to die of alcohol poisoning. Can you imagine the carnage, if you could win in 243 different combinations! Keep it simple, keep it single reel, and most of all keep it steady.