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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 08:00

The Evolution Of The Fruit Machine To The Online Slot

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Slot machines are an important part of British culture, but head overseas and you’ll be hard pressed to find one.

Certain slot machines, such as Fruit machines are unique to British shores and it is only since the advent of online slots that players in foreign countries were introduced to these stalwarts of British gambling. If you thought that slots were confined to pubs, bars and discos, hoping to cash in on drunk clientele throwing their loose change into the machines, think again. In fact, nowadays you can find slot machines in all British airports, in amusement arcades and even in hotels, while you can even play free slots on your phone. Clearly the humble fruit machine has come a long way since it’s original inception, as a platform to advertise different flavours of chewing gum.

Since then It has spawned hundreds of versions, successfully managing to adapt board games such as, Monopoly & Cluedo to the latest films, The Lord of The Rings & The Fantastic Four. There is no doubt that online slot games have had a major role to play in the sharp increase in popularity of slot games. The fact that famous brands have slot games devoted to them attracts a broader audience and encourages people who are familiar with certain brands like Monopoly to play.

New online slot games are being released all the time to coincide with the latest films. My current favourite which has been attracting a lot of interest on the Internet over the past month and was released just yesterday, is Immortal Romance Slots. It combines the stunning visuals and graphics of the Twilight series with an interesting array of unique characters all involved in a Gothic tale of romance and revenge. But get this, when you play Immortal Romance slots, you could stand to win up to £3m! The kind of mega jackpots found only when you play Progressive online slots.