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Tuesday, 24 July 2018 09:11

The Biggest Gains of All

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Here at Big Gains, No Pains we’re always on the hunt for opportunities to win big prizes. And they don’t come much bigger than the massive jackpots available on the PokerStars Casino slots. They have some exciting fun games going on their site with some life-changing sums available.

You might already know PokerStars as the world’s biggest poker site, both online and on your mobile, but their casino is also well worth checking out. At the time of writing, there is a baker’s dozen of 13 progressive jackpots on the site in excess of $1 million, with Mega Moolah living up to its name with a mighty $8 million up for grabs. Yes, $8 million on a slot machine!

A better wager than Brian?

Photo by NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology CC-BY SA 2.0

Now, you’re probably thinking that there’s as much of a shot of winning a million as there is of chirpy chappie Brian Cox blowing us all into a black hole with his Large Hadron Collider, but you’d be wrong. PokerStars Casino pays out big money on an impressively regular basis. They have paid out no less than 12 million-dollar-plus jackpots in the last 18 months, totalling over $23 million. This year alone they have already paid two winners over $3 million each, and a third winner received $1.6 million.

You don’t even have to spend a small fortune on these games to have a shot of getting a large fortune out because every spin has the same odds, as two of last year’s winners proved.

On Boxing Day last year, Ukrainian player aHare75 took a break from entertaining and blockbuster movies to spin the reels. It turned out to be a merry Christmas for him as he dropped a cool $2.5 million, the biggest win in 2017. Still, he was playing with a stake of just 50 cents. Earlier in 2017, it took Uruguayan student LuisCancelaU just $1 to drop a life-changing $1.5 million.

PokerStars logo

Mega Moolah may be the biggest jackpot right now, but Millionaires Island was the hottest destination last year, with no less than six big money winners taking home an average of $1.79 million. And the magical isle is at it again in 2018 with Anchor72 pocketing over $3 million in May this year. The slot has 25 pay lines, giving you loads of ways to win, and has lots of bonus spins and free games to play. It also returns a generous 96.57 percent to players — not bad when you consider the size of the potential wins.

This year has also seen aHare75’s Boxing Day record smashed by almost a million dollars, with zafujohn setting a new PokerStars Casino record with a massive $3.3 million win on the aptly named MegaFortune on March 7th. The new MegaFortune jackpot sits at $3.1 million and is growing. But don’t worry if someone beats you to the big money because the jackpot is always guaranteed to be at least a million dollars, even if someone has just won.

If your focus is on fun rather than dreams of riches, you’ll find almost 300 different online slots from which to choose on the site. Games range from rock music to movie themes, fantasy to history, so you’re bound to find something that matches your interests. And who knows, you could drop the big one while you’re at it, making your bank balance spin faster than the reels!