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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 14:18

The Anarchy that is Online Poker

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Online Poker Anarchy Online Poker Anarchy

Three months ago the world of online poker told a different story. The biggest and then, Best Online Poker sites, were advertising everywhere they could get space and were raking in the money from their worldwide network of players.

The US and Canada were hot topics for conversation, and the talk of turning to Free Online Poker was just an additional player-recruitment tool. Nowadays it seems things are starkly different! With Online Poker turned on its' head in the United States thanks to the Department of Justices' recent crackdown, with Canada now fighting internal battles and locking up players accounts AND with other countries like Australia already campaigning to levy unheard of tax amounts on all earnings - one can only ask, is this the beginning of the end to Online Poker as we know it?


Sure the Best Online Poker sites will battle the DOJ against these infractions and continue to operate in a less enigmatic manner, however can they ever truly recover from losing such large percentages of their revenue and their biggest stars. Sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt who had their main .com sites banned originally, are facing $1,000,000,000 fines from the US, boycotting from several of their top players and must be struggling to assure people that this is not going to happen again.


It seems that the Online Poker giants are now going to have to fight off frenzied attacks on their reputation, a complete ban from all of the US (although they can still host Free Online Poker to accrue names and emails for the future), and the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. All I can say is that, as a part-time player of Online Poker (although probably not very good), that I wish them all the best in finding a solution and hope that someday soon - we can all play again with peace of mind.