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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 08:07

Strange Slot Stuff

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Easy to play, fun and versatile, slot machines are known for their incredible range of themes. A couple of them, though, cater to a niche audience...

When it comes to online casino slots, there are the tried-and-true favourites like the eternally popular Cleopatra Slots and graphically superb Marvel slots like Spiderman and Daredevil. If you like travel, food, sports, movies – there are themes for every taste and hobby.

But beyond Egypt, candy, soccer and the Incredible Hulk there is an entire world of slot games that the average user probably never thinks to try, let alone explore in great detail.

In our mission to uncover the best online casino slots we’ve unearthed a few that, shall we say, cater to unusual tastes...
Pachideka – Japan’s Most Wanted: from the people who brought us Harajuku fashion and used underwear vending machines comes a game that allows you to play cop with a 3-reel selection of Japanese fugitive suspects – mug shots, artist impressions, home photos.
Japan-o-rama: in a similar vein, this machine features anime impressions of everything Japanese – that is, ninjas, Asimo, a samurai sword, a waving cat, a geisha and sushi.
Indiana Croft and Lara Jones: a slot game with a double identity crisis, it features a Lara Jones with the iconic Indy hat and duffle coat. We only wish Indiana himself had gotten so lucky, but unfortunately the well-muscled man in a tight brown t-shirt with leg holsters and wearing what can only be described as hotpants is less action hero and more cross-dresser. Probably on par with Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple, to which we only say: who? And what?
eBay slot machine: and is winning as hard as winning an auction?
Winning for Dummies: now the vaguely insulting yet ultimately useful set of books is a strip of slot machines in a major casino. Will it help us win?

If you love these slot games, drop us a line and we’ll tell you where to find them! And if you’ve seen any other corkers let us know that too.