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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 19:33

Slots Superstitions - The Unwritten Rules

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Slots Superstitions Slots Superstitions

I was the unfortunate victim of a superstitious Slots fanatic recently who, while losing rather a large amount of money, remonstrated some of her ideals to me with a slightly vicious tone.

Having only really played Online Casino Slots and Free Slotsonline - I was quite innocent to these superstitions but wanted to share a couple with you to see if it was just me who thought that this particular lady was just a little ... well ... odd.

Firstly I should mention that this lady was a former-colleague of mine, not just a random lady who decided to bark random demands at me and she thumbed the spin button with her oversized paw.

  • Stand on the lucky side - After hitting quite a large losing streak, although I was assured this was the machines fault and not her inability to press hold at the right time, I was told to change from her right to her left as I was standing on her 'unlucky side.' I mean ... really??? ... I never have this problem with Online Slots where the only things I need to worry about are pressing spin and remembering to hold at the right times.
  • Never sit down - Apparently when you sit down you are less likely to win
  • Hit 'em when they're Hot - Never have I had to endure such a painstakingly long wait to play a machine which was ... (apparently) ... prime for a payout! Again - something I don't really worry about with Online Casino Slots as I can't tell how many other people are playing it and who the hell has what percentage.
  • The More I play the More it'll Pay - Slot junkies seem to believe that the machine is going to hit the Jackpot EVERY time they play. Of course this is rubbish - but when you try and tell this to them - they'll retort with the classic line 'Well it's gotta pay at some point.' True ... yes ... but that point could be next year!
  • Hide and Seek - Perhaps the most bizarre of superstitions, especially to an Online Slots player like myself, if I clock in with my members card at a machine, they'll see a good player and push a magic button which will lower the payout. Are you kidding me!? Can I buy this button and change it to pay me out on every spin? - I'll get back to you on this readers...

So there you have it - the Dubious, the Unlikely and the full on Crazy-town! Feel free to share some of your Slots Superstitions below...