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Friday, 23 December 2011 08:08

Should we give Terry and Suarez any support?

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The Football Association has finally handed out their verdict on the Suarez/Evra affair.

After a lengthy review, the FA gave Suarez an eight match ban and a £40K fine; as the player was found to use insulting words in ‘reference to Evra’s colour’. Suarez has now decided that he will be appealing against the decision; with comments of the punishment being excessive. I imagine another reason for the appeal, would be the impact of his absence for that length of time from the squad. Any match bet online associated with Liverpool would lengthen in price, assuming the ban is upheld.


What is more interesting, is John Terry’s situation; being charged with racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. It seems that The Crown Prosecution Service believes there is enough evidence to prosecute - which would then impact on his England duties and inevitably club; but more importantly may spell the end of his sponsorship deals. Totesport betting on England winning Euro 2012 is 8/1; not the best bet with Rooney missing out a few games and JT’s involvement dubious (we haven’t even started on injuries yet).


Apart from that I find it quite worrying all the support given to Suarez, after being found guilty of such a serious offense (and hence the reason for the lengthy ban). Surely it would have been better to admit the guilt, or mistake; and for the club to support the player in ‘bettering’ himself. I would love to find a bet online that gives me the odds of Suarez getting an increase on the eight match ban; as I would fancy a bit of that. I wonder if the traders doing Totesport betting markets would be interested!