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Friday, 21 June 2013 12:49

Shearer taken down at Newcastle

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With all the strange decisions being taken at Newcastle at the moment, nothing really should surprise us anymore. However, on Wednesday cranes appeared at James Park to pull down the ‘Shearers’ sign from the bar named after him.

There was no consultation between club and one of the most famous players to ever wear the black and white stripes. Alan was just informed of the decision via email that the name of the bar was to be changed. To be fair, the ex-player/ex-manager was not bitter about the decision and took a philosophical approach to the decision, stating ‘it is their ground and its up to the owners what they do with it’.

The reason given by Newcastle United is that they want to open the bar to a wider range of visitors and stated ‘it was important a new name remained in-keeping with our history and heritage’. So the new name of bar, that the owners thought would be in keeping with their ‘history and heritage’ is Nine. Honestly, another decision that I would never come with for all the free bets in the world!

What could have been more in keeping with Newcastle’s history and heritage than the Alan Shearer? This is the guy that stayed with Newcastle United in spite of all offers to go elsewhere and win titles, more cash and trophies. Shearer scored a total of 206 goals in 404 games for the club that he stayed at for ten years. Without a doubt, Alan gave his best years of his playing career to the club which he openly loves and supports.

Alan recently hit out at the club owners, with regards to the decision made to bring in Joe Kinnear and the comments being made by their new Director of Football. In spite of all this, Alan Shearer remains a loyal supporter and season ticket holder; and may even become their manager again. Paddypower have him at 16/1 to be next Newcastle manager