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Friday, 18 May 2012 09:47

Roxy Palace Casino Offers Up to 1,250 GBP In Match Deposit Bonuses

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If you are looking for a great bonus promotion to tide you over the summer, we’ve found you the perfect solution.

Fans of the Great Gatsby, flappers and the Jazz age will be delighted to hear about Roxy Palace casino. A twenties themed casino which makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the days of trilbys and tommy guns. Thankfully however at the Roxy Palace online casino you’ll be in no fear of getting your winnings seized by Al Capone or watching the Roulette table being kicked over by the cops, because this casino is all above board and what’s best, delivered straight to you live into your living room.

Back in the Twenties, if you went to a casino the best you could hope for was to get away with your winnings and your legs intact! However nowadays it’s a totally different ball game and playing casino games has never been easier. On top of that you can now enjoy huge bonuses due to the vast amount of competition that’s out there.

When it comes to bonus offers, the Roxy Palace is head and shoulders above the competition with a fantastic £1,250 free offer available over the course of 3 deposits. On your first deposit you can enjoy a 100% match bonus, while on your second and third, a 25% and a 50% match bonus offer respectively. So get your skates on and head down to make some of your own Mega Moolah!