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Friday, 18 November 2011 08:13

Ready or Not, Here Mobile Slot Games Come

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From slot machines in Vegas to online slots, the humble three-reel has seen a lot of change. Now slot games are ready for the newest evolution to hit the industry – mobile gambling.

I received an email from a rather irate woman complaining about her gaming experience. ‘Went to JackpotCity Casino on my mobile,’ she wrote, ‘played a few of the slots and it wasn’t the same thing at all. Graphics were passable, speed was ok, but I didn’t feel like I was really in a casino.’

Fair enough, she was probably at the bus stop when she was playing them. But with all the fanfare about mobile gaming of late, her email does raise the question: is the mobile experience as good as online?

Well, yes and no. The majority of regular users of mobile casinos seem to accept the limitations simply because they understand the benefits are going to require some form of compromise. After all, when you can play slot games on the bus or in a restaurant waiting for your friends to arrive, you’ve got to sacrifice a thing or two, and when you’re playing on a screen the size of a large postage stamp that sacrifice is likely to be the complexity of the game.

That being said, my feeling is that some casinos are rushing into the arena a little too quickly, without understanding the unique platform that is the mobile phone. There are games that translate perfectly to mobile – card games, for example. But slot machines, whilst immensely popular, require a certain richness of graphics, sound and bonus games, which miniaturising often loses. Just like the development of online slots, mobile slot technology needs a little time to catch up to itself.

Until phones are ready to give us the lightning-fast connection enabling full graphics, bells and whistles, my slots will be staying online.