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Thursday, 04 April 2013 07:12

Rank Group Combines Offline and Online Bingo

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Is there room for a marriage between offline and online bingo?

The Rank Group, owners of popular online bingo site Mecca Bingo, has introduced its first electronic bingo hall, aimed at reviving a flagging offline bingo culture and attracting the minority demographic of men in their 20s to the game. Players will sit in the bingo halls but play online bingo on tablets instead of marking off the numbers on a sheet.

This form of gaming allows players to tap the screen to mark off numbers and provides a way of catching up if the player happens to miss a few numbers.

Ian Burke, Rank's chairman and chief executive, believes that the electronic method of playing bingo requires less concentration and therefore allows players to socialise, chat, eat and drink without sacrificing their game. The goal is to combine the fun of offline bingo, with its traditional calling of Legs Eleven and Key of the Door, with the ease of online gaming. This will hopefully encourage younger people to frequent bingo halls as a night out.

Online gaming has found a huge following in the under-35s, with the online community enjoying a younger demographic and more balanced gender mix. Mobile gaming in particular has offered players the convenience of gaming on smart phones and tablets, and has been the recent focus of many operators.