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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 08:47

Put Slot Machines in the Circular File

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From the evolution of ICQ to Facebook and ancient slot machines with old pull-handles to flashy online slots, what’s next in the world of trending? And can you ever really escape the circular file?

I read a piece about macrobiotic cooking today in which the journalist learnt the basic principles and enthused about how the body is a self-sustaining, self-cleansing organism as if it were the first time she’d encountered principles of healthy living. I seem to remember macrobiotic cooking being a big thing back in the 70s, with the emergence of a new awareness of the issues surrounding sustainability and health so I guess it’s about time we started talking about it all over again.


Inevitably, just like patent leather pants and spectacles, what was once cool will become cool again. You only need to look at the online slots of today to see how much they’ve changed from the traditional models of pull-handles and rapidly spinning pictures of fruit to understand how far the humble fruit machine has evolved. Gollum, crawling over the Lord of the Rings slot; dancing leprechauns in Rainbow Riches; a complex paranormal love story in Immortal Romance slot machines!


Two decades ago, the masses were satisfied with ‘BAR’ symbols and free spins, today casino slots have to offer much, much more to keep up with the demand. Is there no way back? Where does the future of the slot machine lie?


If fashion is anything to go by, I’m confident that traditional fruit machines will be big once again. I think we’re going to see a resurgence of popularity of simple bars and bells, albeit on mobile phones. The indusrty will combine the best of new technology with the reminiscent nostalgia of old style games – and what was once cool will become cool again.