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Thursday, 22 December 2011 08:14

Playing Casino Games Without the Instruction Manual

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There’s a lot of theory that goes into casino games, but sometimes it’s best to simply throw out the books, visit a casino online and see if you can made sense of the game without reading too much into it.

When it comes to casino games, there are some who people pride themselves on being thorough and reading every piece of literature about the subject before they even think about embarking upon a practical examination. Others jump right in, a kind of sink-or-swim attitude that says that if they can’t figure it out by simply looking and tinkering a little, then they’re probably not going to get much better by opening a book.

But whilst there are certainly extremes and most people would state an inclination towards one or the other, in reality most are a combination of the two. Some games like scratchcards are always going to be pretty self-explanatory and with something like gin rummy I defy you to play it without taking the tutorial first. So when should you read casino reviews, and when should you jump straight in?

Quite simply, if it’s a game of chance then you can skip the rule book unless you’re the kind of person who really wants to know everything about what they do. Rules are only useful in limited ways, like determining if the payout structure on a slot machine means that it’s worth playing two coins once, or if you might as well play one coin twice.

But if it’s a game of skill, multiplayer or worth a bit of cash, you’d be a fool not to do at least a little reading before you hit a casino online. You need to understand how to play before you pit yourself against other people, and if you’re throwing a bit of money at it you’d be silly to not take the tutorial to at least familiarise yourself with the site.

Next time you’re wondering if the manual is really worth reading, just ask yourself what kind of game you’re playing, if there are other people involved and how much you’re risking. If in doubt – just take the tutorial! It won’t take that long and it will be much more enjoyable!