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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 08:12

Playing Bingo Through the Holidays

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Over the holidays it was amazing how many people were playing free bingo games, chat games and jackpot rounds at various no deposit bingo sites.

Ok, I gotta admit I logged on during the Christmas and New Year break to play a few free bingo games. I mean, it’s my job, right? And just because there are holidays on doesn’t mean you can stop working. Sort of.

But what I was most surprised about wasn’t my newfound dedication to the job. It was the number of people who had logged on to their favourite no deposit bingo sites to play whilst the holidays were in full swing. Chatting to people in the bingo rooms, their reasons ranged from having a much-needed break from well-intentioned family members and saying hi to their bingo friends to wanting to recoup some Christmas bucks through the hundreds of holiday promotions on offer. Others said that since the stores were either shut or swamped with sale hunters, they preferred to spend a few quiet hours on Littlewoods Bingo or Dream Bingo and avoid the madness of post-Christmas sales. Fair enough.

The rooms were in good spirits and there were plenty of players cheering others on for their wins. It was such a pleasant way to spend a few hours, I could see why people had chosen to play bingo during the holiday period. And if you hit the jackpot – what a way to start the New Year!