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Friday, 12 July 2013 07:54

Play Online Bingo Games from Anywhere this Summer

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It's summer and we've had some absolute scorchers lately!

The UK's not really built for the sun. Houses are well-insulated and cosy, which is great for those chilly winter nights, but not so convenient when the heat waves hit. If you want to escape the heat and you're not keep in investing in an electricity-guzzling air conditioning unit, the best thing to do is head to the shopping centre – and you can take your online bingo games with you!

You might think that playing bingo during the summer is tough, but the clever folk at the bingo companies have been working hard to keep up with the mobile gaming revolution so you can now play those games anywhere, anytime. Mobile bingo is quick, fun, and just as lucrative as online bingo because you're generally in the same rooms as the online players anyway – you're just sitting in cool, air-conditioned comfort, with lunch not twenty feet away.

Mobile bingo offers the same benefits as online bingo, with players able to claim and access their bonuses from their smartphone or tablet. You can enter the free online bingo rooms and play for progressive jackpots as well as being able to keep up with the chat (if you're a fast typer). Being able to play bingo on the go also means that you'll never miss out on a game, so for those of you who enjoy special scheduled games you no longer have to pre-buy tickets and let the fun happen without you present!

Some sites offer full mobile bingo available on iOS and Android phones. If you're playing via an iPhone or iPad, we recommend you head to Butlers Bingo and check out their mobile site! Go on, it's summertime – enjoy yourself!