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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 08:00

PKR Adds Another Level Of Depth To Online Poker

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Those of you looking for the next level of realism in online poker, need only to head to one site.

It’s revolutionised the way we play poker and it’s added another level of depth to what can only be described as one of the deepest games to be invented. It’s the one and only PKR! Nowadays it’s all about having as much control over your web presence as possible and making sure you can create a character which matches your personality. PKR allows you to do just that, with it’s sophisticated character creation tool, which allows you to create your own character to your very own specifications and make he/she or it as much or as little like you as possible! It’s a great opportunity to add a little fun and get a bit creative when it comes to playing poker.

On top of that, once you’ve signed up you can also use MyPKR which is the most advanced social networking tool for poker players. It provides you with information on what data you should be analysing, tips on ways to play hands and a way to keep in touch with other players you’ve played against whilst keeping track of your progress. It adds another level of depth and entertainment to an already gripping game which will have you hooked the moment you start playing.

When you sign up now, you’ll be able to pick your bonus, depending on how much you want to deposit. If you’re considering spending more than $25 then you can earn 100% up to $150 with the bonus code: welcome150. If you’re thinking of depositing a bit more, say over the $150 mark, you can enjoy an even bigger bonus of 125% up to $500 with the welcome500 bonus code.