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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 08:00

Our Online Bingo Winner Of The Month Is Jenny1976

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It’s not every day you get the opportunity to win thousands of pounds or is it...

This month we’re celebrating an online bingo windfall of £2000! That’s right, one of our own members Jenny1974 has landed a £2000 bingo win, but best of all she’d only just signed up to the site!

Jenny1974 told us that she’s been playing online bingo for a while but she was looking for a new place to play but couldn’t decide where. When she stumbled across our site she checked out our bingo reviews and decided on a few games of free online bingo to decide for herself.

It only took her an hour to make up her mind and just after she’d made her first deposit she hit a £2000 jackpot playing 90 Ball Bingo! She told us, “I couldn’t believe I had won, I couldn’t even shout or anything, I just sat there stunned, I’ve never felt anything like it!”

To think that she just was playing free online bingo one minute and the minute she starts playing for real money, she’s won 2 grand! Not bad for half a days work.

If you play online bingo and have won any money then give us a shout and we’ll publish your exciting stories.