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Thursday, 28 July 2011 13:44

Online Scratchcards - The Winner that never was

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Ryanair Scratchcard Ryanair Scratchcard

We had plans of writing a nice long blog post today about how great Scratch Cards were and the benefit of Online Scratchcards over the normal ones

- but to be honest - after a rather large lunch, we've decided to go ahead and make it a bit more fun.

So here is a great little story I heard about a Scratchcard winner on a plane from Poland to England.

A passenger on board a RyanAir flight had bought some Scratch Cards from the stewardesses and had won £10,000 on one of them. Upon showing the flight attendants he was told that unfortunately he would have to wait until they landed for his prize as they didn't store that much money on the plane. The man began ranting and raving and then proceeded to do one of the most stupid things in this history of gambling winners. He ate his ticket! Despite stewardesses pleas and offers of a sandwich or alternative item to consume, he continued to scream at them as he tucked into his expensive and probably quite bland meal.

So there you have it, next time you lose £10 or so at the Online Scratchcards sites maybe you won't feel so bad, or if you are lucky enough to win, just follow this simple (and probably obvious) piece of advice - don't eat your claim to the cash!