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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 08:01

Online Poker Or Poker With Your Mates

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I played a game of poker on Friday night with a few friends but one of them got a little carried away...

When you’re playing poker against your mates, it’s a totally different experience from playing online poker. For one, you all know each other and this effects the game in such a way that it is much harder to bluff. On top of that, you can’t just suddenly leave, you’re all tied down into the game till you lose all your chips. The problem with our game was we let anyone re-buy in as many times as they wanted. This inevitably led to who had the largest wallet, as opposed to who had the greatest level of skill. Like the best poker sites, we should have decided on a max re buy limit, as opposed to not specifying. As a result, the winner was the guy who threw the most amount of money at the table.

Do I sound a little sore? I’m not by any means the best poker player but it’s frustrating, when the guy next to you, just keeps throwing fivers into the pot and you can’t afford to buy back in. Then again, most of the money in the pot belonged to him anyway! That’s another problem about playing with your friends, taking money off them. At least when you play online poker you are anonymous and you don’t have to deal with anyone getting annoyed with you when you beat them.

I think I’ll recommend free poker to my friend who won, if he decides to play online. Despite his win, he risked a lot of money which he could have easily lost, then again in the end his radical betting strategy paid off! Just goes to show, you never know.