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Monday, 02 July 2012 08:00

Online Poker and The Legacy of Mike Caro

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“Aces are larger than life and greater than mountains” – Mike Caro

Who hasn’t trembled with excitement when they’ve been dealt pocket rockets and had to take a couple of deep breathes to regain composure. Mike Caro’s right. The feeling you get when you’re playing online poker and you’ve got Aces as your hole cards and Aces come down on the table is always overpowering. It’s like they have a unique power in themselves, as soon as Aces come down on the table everyone’s on edge!

Mike Caro should know, he is after all nicknamed the Mad Genius and he’s the founder of the world’s first ever poker school, the Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming & Life Strategy. Proof if any were needed that this man is serious about poker. He was also the first person to create a computer program for analysing poker situations, so it’s possible he may a thing or two we don’t.

Despite never winning any WSOP bracelets, Caro’s reputation is legendary as one of the pioneers of online poker. In fact without people like Caro it’s unlikely that online poker would ever have gotten off the ground, but his commitment to the game and his adamant belief in its eventual popularity has lead to it becoming the most successful online card game.

So the next time you hit pocket rockets, give a thought to Caro and play like you mean to win!