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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 19:38

Online Poker and the Bureaucratic Wall

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Just a few months ago the world of Online Poker was sent into shock when arrest warrants were served for three of the biggest Poker names in the industry - Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker.

On the back of a law passed in 2006 prohibiting Online Gambling in the United States, these three providers, arguably once the Best Online Pokersites available, continued to operate in the US outside of 'legal boundaries' and at huge profit to themselves.

With pressure formerly being levied on the government by several of the big offline groups to cease these online operations for the past few years, (something that would have explained the reaction from the US), what was suprising was that many of these offline groups had just started to pair with their Online Poker counterparts (such as the merger between Poker Stars and Steve Wynn - now dissolved after the arrest warrants issued in April 2011). In effect, this would have been a perfect time to look at the legalization of Poker and create a new stream of tax revenues and allow American Players to enjoy the Online Poker sites without repercussions.

So what is the solution? Well it's easy in practice to tell the US to change their laws, but having a government admit their mistake would be like drawing blood from a stone. However, with several of the big offline companies now supporting the legalization of Online Poker - not to mention the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and the former chairman of the House Financial Services commitee, Barney Frank, also willing a change; just how long can the American Government hold off a solution? Hopefully for all you Poker fans out there - not too long!