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Thursday, 29 December 2011 08:00

Online Poker And The Art of Procrastination

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If there was an award for the most accomplished procrastinator, it would go to me, no doubt!

I have perfected the art of procrastination to such a degree that I am actually thinking of giving my own private lessons. 

The Internet is your best friend when it comes to the art of procrastination. You log on to check your emails, decide to check Facebook and several hours later you realize you’ve accomplished eff all! 

A while ago, I thought I might as well make some money not doing what I was supposed to be doing, so I started playing online poker.

Now online poker is one of those games that requires a certain degree of concentration if you want to make any serious amount of money. The fact that I had to spend a great deal of attention on playing each hand, helped to distract me from worrying about procrastinating and thus I had discovered the best way to trick my guilty conscience - online poker games.

From that day on I was hooked, for poker is a game which will appeal to all of the chronic procrastinators out there, it takes time and it’s totally absorbing. The joy of outwitting another player and taking there money through a combination of skill and a dash of luck, is too much to ignore. Online poker games had me caught, hook, line and sinker.

In the end some how my procrastination became my job, it was almost like some vicious circle, where what I did to get away from work it the first place, became work in the end. Poker’s no longer a game for me, it’s a way of life and on that note, I’m off to Party Poker to avoid procrastinating any more. Maybe I’ll see you there...