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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 08:03

Online Casinos Not Cannibalising Offline Business

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It's a common concern for casino businesses looking to introduce an online arm, but Genting Casino's president and COO says that the Genting's online casino has not affected Genting the land-based business.

Peter Brooks, president and COO of Genting UK, reported that research suggests less than two per cent of land-based customers have elected to play online casino games instead of visiting the brick-and-mortar buildings.

'Online does not cannibalise land-based, for us,' said Brooks. 'The experiences on offer are very different. One - online - is a solo experience and the other is a social experience.'

Players who visit online casinos generally do so by themselves. The convenience of accessing casino games whenever the urge strikes and from anywhere with an internet connection means that players tend to use online casinos as casual entertainment. Conversely, the glamour of a land-based casino means that plenty of people still visit them with friends as an exciting night out.

The two business models are built to capitalise on their strengths. Online casinos offer great bonuses and a bigger selection of games, while the offline casino excels at hospitality and an immersive experience.

However, the president of the European Casino Association, Ron Goudsmit, warned that 'Where online gaming is not legalised, the land-based operator cannot offer a legitimate online product and is therefore affected by the unlawful online gambling available.'