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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 16:48

Online Casino Reviews: It’s Tough Work But Someone’s Got to Do It

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Hard at Work Hard at Work

All around the office, BGNP staff are hard at work writing online casino reviews.

Recently I’ve received a whole lot of emails from curious Georges and Georginas, wondering what a day in the life of a BGNP staffer is like. “What is it that you do?” mused one girl from Kent. “Do you really get paid to play online casino games all day? And if so, how can I become part of the team?”


The answer is, Georgina (who in reality is not Georgina but we will call her that for the purpose of this post), yes we spend a good deal of time writing online casino reviews. And that involves a lot of casino work; tirelessly punching in registration after registration (we all start off being as creative as possible with usernames and eventually realise it’s all too Sisyphean and end up sticking with firstname.lastname+random number), poking buttons, testing game quality and customer support.


It may sound like a lot of fun and it is, but as every casino is different and there are thousands out there, there’s the eternal worry that maybe, just maybe one little gem will slip through the net, get reviewed by a decaffeinated staffer with low blood sugar, and end up in the heap of sadly neglected online casinos that never see the light of day.


It’s stressful.


So, Georgina, there is definitely a way to help us out and become part of the team. If you will kindly head to our online casino reviews section and vote, or leave a comment as to why you think we got it right or wrong, that would greatly ease our worries and we can go back to playing Elvis slots – err, I mean, restock the paper in the printer and make some fresh coffee so we can get back to work.


Thanks in advance!