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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 08:00

Online Casino Bonuses Bobbing Up Under Rubber Ducks

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Players tired of the 100% deposit match bonus schemes offered by each and every casino will be excited by a novel bonus scheme...

32Red casino have come up with a new way to get you excited about online casino bonuses, no more is it simply a case of depositing and getting £32 free. Now you’ll get the chance to ‘Hook-a-Bonus’! Until the 22nd April, players will have the chance to hook their bonuses and come up with more than they could possibly expect.

Just like being in a fairground, all you’ll have to do is dangle your fishing rod over a tub full of rubber ducks and hook one up, to reveal your hidden bonus. Pick carefully because you’ll be able to find some big bonuses to cash in on.

The only drawback about ‘Hook-a-Bonus’ is that not everyone will have the opportunity to play it yet. You’ll have to already have a 32Red account open and you’ll only be able to access it, if you’ve received an invitation to play ‘Hook-a-Bonus’. However, in all likelihood, it should be available to all gamers, if it proves a success with its members.

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to deposit and get a chance to ‘Hook-a-Bonus’ let us know and we’ll publish your experiences.