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Friday, 29 July 2011 12:47

Online Casino Bonus - Take it or Leave it

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Online Casino Bonus Online Casino Bonus

Online Casino providers are notoriously known for their amazing bonus amounts offered to players both new and old, but in this post, I wanted to address the reality behind the Bonus. In short - Online Casino Bonus - Take it or Leave it?

Now there's no doubt that the appeal of doubling your money or free spins on your favourite Best Online Casino slot isn't tempting - but have you ever drilled down to the terms and conditions of these offers? Normally after most of the 'sale-talk' you'll see the little 'but' feature that many players tend to overlook. This 'but' feature isn't a put off because it asks you to play through the bonus 20x or 30x ... after all, we've come to accept that; this 'but' is that certain Online Casino Games are restricted in terms of bonus wagering requirements and playthrough. So long Roulette wheel, adios Blackjack table, sayonara Craps dice - these games offer you playthrough requirements up to 300x on your bonus (for £100 bonus that's £30,000!).


The only way you can seem to get hold of your Online Casino Bonus is to play through on the Online Slots games, by which time you have lost all your money and are knee-deep in bills from your own cash. So the question I'm asking is ... is it worthwhile opting in to the bonus, or emailing customer support and requesting to ignore the bonus in hope of making your money on the Online Casino Games that you want to play?


Well the answer is what you make of it - it seems that when I asked a few people the results were tied with the obvious pro's and con's repeated (here they are below for your viewing pleasure)

Bonus Pro

  • More money to gamble with
  • Slots can be fun and may be what you want to play
  • Some bonuses do allow those Online Casino Games
  • The Online Casino Bonus at some casinos makes it worth playing

Bonus Cons

  • Impossible to cash out your money ever
  • Wagering requirements are set too high - some even 100x
  • Some Online Casino Bonuses aren't cashable at all
  • Some Online Casino Games that say they are in the bonus - aren't...

Well whatever you choose, have a great time at the Online Casino and remember to check back here for more great articles when you're done