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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 09:17

Online Bingo - Saturation of the Market

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Bingo Oversaturated Bingo Oversaturated

Before I start talking about the idea of Online Bingo being over-saturated I probably ought to explain what I mean by the title. Being saturated means that something is full to or beyond satisfying levels.

In the UK Bingo market at present there are hundreds of operators competing for a finite number of players to join their site. Free Online Bingo has been one of the latest 'ploys' to grab attention from Bingo players and non-Bingo players alike but recently questions have been asked, just how many more sites can be churned out appealing to the same limited audience?

Don't get me wrong - it is nice being able to choose from a large array of sites when I want to Play Online Bingo, but recently I've seen more Bingo sites spamming my emails / hijacking my webpages with popups than normal, and there's only so many Free Online Bingo offers that are going to work on me before I realise that my statistical chances of actually making money from them are so low, that I just give up altogether.

So what is the solution to this? Do we stop companies from launching Online Bingo sites that offer nothing unique? Do we regiment how each site can advertise and categorise them from Social Media to Emails and PPC Advertising? All I know is that in a market which is struggling to battle a collapsing economy and where people are paying close attention to their outgoings, the more likely scenario is that 50% of these new Bingo Sites will be bust by next year and the ones that survive will be forced to come up with a new means of attracting players which doesn't involve stuffing the same £5 Free Offer down their throat.

in the meantime readers, feel free to satiate yourself with as much Free Bingo money as possible and we will try to give you some more details soon.