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Monday, 06 January 2014 00:45

No show again at Man United

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Manchester United lose yet another game at Old Trafford, against Swansea in the FA Cup, making it the fourth defeat in the the last six games at home for David Moyes.

Online sports betting operators were savouring yet another loss by the favourites, the Red Devils and we have already started to see Sunderland odds shorten in the Capital One Cup match, as money goes on the home team to produce another upset at the Stadium Of Light on Tuesday. Recent form for Manchester United keeps going downhill, especially at home. Home fans will be dismayed as defensively, the Red Devils have only managed one clean sheet in the last six games, and offensively have only scored more than one goal in only one game out their last seven.

Apart from the fact that David Moyes’ team now seem to have no solid defense and struggle to find any goals even at home, Manchester United fans will have to worry about when exactly when and where this poor form will end. David Moyes sounds like a broken record, stating after every disappointing result that the players lack confidence, we have poor home form, no fear factor at Old Trafford, no consistency, etc. It seems to me, that David Moyes constantly lays blame on the players, referees and anything else except himself; and one has to admit that if this had happened at any other club in the Premier League the manager would already be looking for another job.

It looks as if there is no leadership or direction coming from the man ultimately in charge, the manager. And to compound the woeful situation, players are falling like flies due to injuries all over the pitch. We all know that Moyes brought in his own staff and thus took on the added responsibility of the players’ fitness and wellbeing, which in hindsight was probably not the best to have broken that long standing relationship with the present squad. Robin van Persie was one of the first players to complain about the new David Moyes’ regime and how it was adversely affect his fitness. The list of players currently out due to injuries seems to grow on a daily basis, with Fellaini, Jones, Nani, Van Persie, Rooney and now Rafael and Ferdinand.

Finally the January transfer window may offer some hope to Moyes, but as he has already stated, and one has to agree, it is not the best time to go looking for quality players. Therefore, that said, it looks pretty bleak for the foreseeable future at Manchester United and for David Moyes. ManU fans will have to start contemplating life at the club with no silverware for, at the very least, the next two years.