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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 08:30

Next Stop, Intergalactic Bingo Games

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Could the next stop for bingo games be out of this world?

Recently, I read that computer hackers are planning to send the internet into space. The Hackerspace Global Grid project will see communication satellites launched and a network of earth-based stations built to track and communicate with the satellites. Eventually they hope to land a hacker on the moon. Rather surprisingly (for me at least) I also read that amateurs have already put objects into outer space, but they have issues tracking and keeping them up there for a long period of time.

So is this the final frontier? Apparently the motivation behind these plans isn’t so much the noble need to explore as it is to protect the internet from censorship. I imagine this causes all sorts of problems for governmental bodies trying to regulate bingo – oh, and free speech.

Seriously though, with the internet going interstellar I’m thinking about the future of our games and wondering if astronauts and aliens might eventually amuse themselves with bingo games in outer space. Why did bingo never feature in Star Trek, Star Wars or Deep Space Nine? Do you think Darth Vader might have been more amenable to allowing people to live if he’d simply had some lighthearted chatter and a few wins in the rooms?

With the latest push to explore the universe perhaps the online bingo bonus offers we carefully document will become intergalactic bingo bonuses. Who’s up for pitting their daubing skills against alternate life forms?