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Monday, 11 June 2012 08:09

New Online Scratchcard Games To Get You Scratching

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As always, our friends at NeoGames have some exciting new games in store.

One of the best things about playing scratchcards online is the fact that the inventory is continually updated. No matter how many times a week you log in to play online scratchcards, you'll always find something new and different to amuse you – and by the time you've gotten through all your old favourites, a new game will have been introduced!

NeoGames have introduced a number of new scratchcard games for your entertainment and they are simply fantastic. Following the extremely successful release of the Bold and the Beautiful scratchcard, they have three new instant win and two slot games for you to play. The two slot machines are in the tradition of Marvel slots, featuring the Hulk and Spiderman in 'The Amazing Spiderman Revelations' and 'The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Revenge'. Both are five-reel, 25-payline slots with huge Marvel hero jackpots.

The instant win games are just as interesting. The old board game favourite, Snakes and Ladders, comes to life in this animated instant win game. You'll have the choice of activating three characters, each with three rolls of the dice. The goal is to get to the treasure chest at the end of the board – but look out! The board is laden with snakes that can send you sliding back down to the bottom. Fortunately, it also has ladders that can help your characters climb to the top faster. The board also has mystery squares that can reveal extra coins.

Quick Play is for all of you who are fond of a bet. Six balls are drawn and you can bet whether they'll be red, yellow, green; whether they'll be over or under a certain number; whether they'll be odd or even or you can go for gold and pick the numbers directly. You can win up to 10,000 your bet so this is a great game for prize-seekers!

Numero Uno is a traditional scratchcard with a simple rule: there are 24 squares on the board and you can pick 16 (or you can use the auto-pick option to play for you). Reveal 5 or more '1' symbols and you win the amount shown on the prize table! Each card costs from £0.50 to £10 and you can win up to £100,000 with a single click.

If you'd like to try these great scratchcard games, head to our scratchcard section to pick up a special bonus.